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    This is going to be a brutally honest article of self-reflection and a glimpse into the state of MD and where we are going as a product and community. I'll start by getting the hard part out of the way: I have been extremely unfair to the MD community. Marketers Delight as a software product is incredibly stable and robust after years of development and being battle-tested on thousands of sites since 2015. For years I have been a one-man shown, balancing the product development, community engagement, and a booming freelance business (all MD sites), and throughout that time I have had ups and downs in regards to my work balance and goals for MD. My metric for success and contentment about the product, whether I wanted to admit it or not has been revenue, which has been going up every year and will only continue to do so. But one metric that was not growing relative to the potential of MD and my high ambitions for the product is how much easier it has become for you to do the same advanced things I can do with MD, and implementing more of your requests that fall in line with the goals of the product. While MD has become increasingly capable over the years and many people are creating excellent websites, the development cycle and community have been growing at inconsistent rates—and it all starts from the top. For example, why aren't more of you building successful freelance businesses with MD as I have been? Why aren't more of you creating Dropins and extending your site's capabilities with MD's wonderful APIs? Why aren't more of you motivated to use MD's excellent content features to create the new standard of blogging and audience interaction? The answer to all of those questions is simple: I have not been showing you the way! Sure, I have been throwing out new features in each release and giving you an idea of what they are and how to use them, but more real world examples and more engaging tutorials have been missing. There are many deep concepts built into MD that by simply explaining them further to you can unlock the know-how you need to make better sites and even start a web design business of your own, but the truth of the matter is I have been hoarding that knowledge and money. Instead of writing more tutorials and articles, I have been struggling to find my voice and afraid of the blank screen. Instead of passing on 4 and 5 figure jobs to the most competent of you, I have created a waiting list and over extending myself to write code that is locked away one site at a time rather than releasing those features in a way that can scale to every one of your site's—a feat MD is damn good at! I have made many personal strides over this life-changing summer and broke out of the gray that has kept me rooted in a battle against myself, and my proof is that I am able to deliver these words to you now in a manner as prolific as the way I used to write years ago when I began my first blog (those of you who have followed my work since age 15 should hopefully hear a familiar voice speaking to them right now). Of course words are not enough to prove what I am saying here is different than the similar claims I have made in the past, that is why I am taking an action that I never had the courage to take on before and will be the difference between MD's success and a boost to your own success: I am no longer for hire as a freelance web developer. Many times I have told myself this but have been allured by not only cool jobs, but jobs with high price tags. To make the deal even better, every job I have taken since 2015 has been built on Marketers Delight and what an amazing privilege it has been. Many of those jobs have improved my skills and understanding of websites and have directly benefited MD through bug and security fixes, but after so many projects and becoming a master of WordPress (I am not afraid to say this) these jobs no longer provide the same level of benefits to MD that my time spent directly developing MD would. Even worse, my indifference and mixed feelings have taken a toll on some of the clients I have been unbelievably fortunate to work with, and much of that grief I've created in myself has trickled down here into how well I help you in the MD forums. That is why once I finish my current obligations and do a great job for who I am working with, I will no longer be accepting any web development work and will instead be channeling that immense effort and energy into developing the MD product, growing our community, and training those of you who wish to fill the void I am leaving and take on some great projects that can give you some life-changing income. The future of Marketers Delight is highly modular—importing and exporting templates of all kinds with an easy interface and with all the right optimizations. The future of Marketers Delight is engagement—I will show you what I have learned about creating engaging websites not only in the past but how we can BLAZE a new path for what the future of websites should be in a world that is built for social media. The future of Marketers Delight is present—you will hear from me regularly and together we will build websites that add a fulfilling aspect to our lives and even money in our banks. The next evolution of Marketers Delight starts October 15th, and if you've read this far I just want to thank you for using my product as your means for creating your online business and for accepting me as an imperfect person trying to do right by my business. Thank you for your time, - Alex Mangini
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    The revamped MD API is going to be one of the best custom fields and settings builder in WordPress, and the new Floating Bars and other MD Optins tools will be a testament to its power. With minimal effort, creating as many floating bars as you need with advanced settings will be a breeze. Can't wait to release Alpha!
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    Making a little progress daily and I've decided that the best way to release MD Optins is to do it one update at a time. The revamped MD Popups is nearing completion and MD4.9.5 ships all kinds of other great improvements which I am excited to share! MD Popups will ship with 6 custom templates and some very powerful custom template/HTML tools that will allow you to build your own if you wanted. Thanks to the new Popups system, I will be able to create a library of custom popup templates you will soon also be able to import into your sites to extend MD's awesome default popup templates. Will show more soon, but here's an idea of one of the templates in action:
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    Wasting no time after Marketers Delight 4.9.4, I am swiftly moving to the next initiative: MD Optins. I have been dreaming this feature out single the release of MD4.9, which added the Integrations panel, and I am so excited to finally get a move on this project! MD Optins will merge the old email forms and popups features as well as introduce enhanced email form functionality (checkbox consents, other form fields), a few new email service integrations, and a special new kind of optin form that will really make a difference in your conversion rates. Just about every update since MD4.9.4 has been preparing us for this stage, and I expect to move very fast on the completion of this feature thanks to those updates. My head is still two updates ahead, but MD Optins will add features to your website that will really make your email marketing far more effective. Here's an early look at the reorganized admin panel. While much simpler, you will be able to perform amazing website actions from here. Understand that as MD gets simpler, your capabilities expand astronomically. I will keep you updated here and am open to any feedback and questions throughout the development process.
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    The Design Options are also impressively simple and will allow you to create many combinations of good-looking Floating Bars. Let's take the following settings for example: They produce the following results, a nice Floating Bar with a simple image and perfect vertical alignment (even if you removed some text) with just about the default settings intact. My next goal was to recreate a custom floating bar I made for a client site with a particular breakout effect. By changing a few settings, we now have the following Floating Bar. Notice the breakout image effect and slightly shorter content box: The only difference? We adjusted the content and CTA width, and added a breakout effect to the image: But now let's say we want to use an email form instead of a button. We go to the CTA tab to quickly change out to an email form: But the result is a little squished, since an email form is usually longer than a button: No problem! We can go back to the Design tab and tell this Floating Bar to use the full width of the browser rather than the max site width: The result is much better when using larger image and wide email forms, and is arguably more readable: ----- I hope you enjoyed this quick demonstration! The Floating Bar feature, along with the rest of MD5.0 is coming out incredibly and I am proud of what this new software will be able to accomplish on your sites with minimal resources. The goal of building a full Optins system into MD is to obviously give you powerful lead capture tools yet also keep your site running fast. As always, no jQuery or other wild scripts will be loaded to power these tools which is unheard of for how advanced these kinds of tools are. Because MD is built with simple technologies, you can rest assured that it will work on any web host of any power (even shared hosting) and is all in one lightweight package, the MD Theme (which may weigh even smaller by the time MD5.0 is done, yet with 1,000% more power). If you have any feedback or questions, now is the time for having your say about how these features come out!
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    MD5.0 is not just about huge new features, but refining the core of what makes a website authoritative. Take the new author box design, which isn't afraid to be more bold than its current design and list your links in a nice and subtle way. Why make the author box stand out more? Not only is it important to craft a post that is highly informative and detailed, but to also add credibility. With just a few lines, a good head shot and links to your most important pages on the Internet, you can instantly back up your post with the new Author Box coming into MD5.0.
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    *phew* building an optins/popup system is not easy and I can see why there are so many massive companies out there who charge you a monthly fee to enable popups on your website. I don't think any elements of your site should be a rentable feature, and the complexity overhead on that is way too much for, again, a single element of your entire website. MD Optins will come with some seriously kickass and flexible optins that match your site, and will be open enough to create your own and even to import new templates from the future popups library coming to MD.com. Gotta get through this hurdle now for a lot of time, money, and complexity saved in the future...
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    As of this moment, MD Optins is officially in Alpha. ...but MD5.0 as a whole is just shy of Alpha status. Alpha testing --> Beta testing --> Launch!
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    I'm seeing awesome progress! Love the new floating bar.
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    The first demo Floating Bars are coming out, and deploying these things around your site will be a breeze with the above admin controls! MD5.0 is about templates, so alternative templates will be available just as writing your own custom HTML templates is easy to plug into this system.
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    Hey MD fam -- I'm back with an update. If you care, read on, if you don't -- continue reading anyway 😎 So since my first post, I've been able to grow my email list by 20%, but the web traffic is pretty flat. To be fair, I haven't put any time or resources into driving traffic to the site, but my publishing schedule (and approach) for 2020 is a little more intentional, so I expect traffic to pick up. How am I using MD? 1. I've removed the 'subscribe' button from the header. Not because I no longer want visitors to subscribe, but because I want to direct visitors to pages that offer a little more insight into what Library66 is all about. 2. I no longer have a side-bar, therefore, the content spotlight widget is no longer in use. 3. I've also disabled the share function (for now) but I'll re-enable it shortly. 4. I've added MD font icons to the header. They look great and get a lot more clicks that text alone. 5. I'm using the Gallery-Block dropin for my 'Thank You' page. I've always loved the GB dropin, and once I figured out the best way to use it, I took the extra step of stripping it down by removing the button and pop-up feature. Take a look and see if you can tell me (with a straight face) that you don't love it. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve/optimize my site or make better use of MD's features, feel free to submit your feedback below. 6. I've disabled and removed the Rank Math SEO plugin. I might install Yoast this week, but I'm not sure yet. If you have any feedback on how I can further optimize/improve my site -- please comment below. Oh, and when you get a chance, let me/us know how you're using MD. Inspiration is always welcome.
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    Development is going well, these past two weeks I have averaged at least 4+ hours a day on MD5.0 (many days going over 9) and I am extremely relieved to have the most critical things left to do in a nice bulleted list on my whiteboard. Taking a couple day break around Christmas (you will probably see me here more), and will take that refreshed energy to knock out the rest of those items. Due to how massive a rewrite of MD this has been, I am releasing MD5.0 after a public alpha and beta test stage. Alpha will be a period where those of you who volunteer to test MD5.0 on blank sites can take it for a spin and find any bugs and send in usability improvements. The Beta period will be for testing existing sites (you'll want to use a staging site for this) and running the updater script needed to port data from the old format to the incredibly improved format. I am confident that this updater will go smoothly and move any options around without losing your settings. There will be a few small exceptions, but nothing flicking a few switches won't fix. The other big news of MD5.0 is that Page Leads will be formally deprecated and available as a Dropin. Because of what MD5.0 will now make possible with frontend site editing (coming around MD5.2 or 5.3), the Page Leads system will no longer be in the mix and replaced with an alternative far more powerful. See the above posts for insights into MD Optins, the new Site Design panel, developer tools, and other enhancements coming to MD5.0. As I wrap up the hardcore development groundwork, I will be moving to the sexier "flashy" features that this now makes possible and start back up the newsletter and blog to start hyping this incredible new iteration of Marketers Delight. Stay tuned.
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    To clarify the "live preview design" will be no more and instead we will use a simple design panel. I realize the risk I am taking at upsetting people with this change, but I think it stands to delight all of us who experience weird inconsistencies with the current designer. Here is a glimpse of the design options ported and reorganized to the new panel: Color options opened: The goal here is to know what is required for your site's branding and choose the few main colors involved, then let MD's smarter than ever design system update colors and other design elements based off that one decision. Because I am spending so much time on the precision of these new controls, I am making a bold gamble that no live preview is needed and you can trust that these options will take care of everything for you live. What is really great about the new Site Design panel is the Typography system, which has not only been refined to display more precise calculations but now shows default font sizes for desktop, tablet, and mobile right in the settings: Just like the existing design system, all spacing, site widths, and headline fonts are calculated based on the Body font size and line height which allows your site to build itself proportionally and relieve you of coming up with your own arbitrary values. Of course you can go in and set custom font sizes and other attributes, but much has been done to make the defaults as best as possible. I hope this gives you some ideas of what you will be working with. Like I said I took a risk but the new kinds of options and controls that can be added to our sites will make this transition worth it!
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    First, thanks @Alex for the blunt honesty. Very few people are capable of doing so and it requires not only humbleness but also a certain form of maturity, not to say wisdom. I am that type of very detailed-oriented person (combined with a perfectionist personality - shame on me), and it was a nightmare for me to choose the right Wordpress theme. I went for MD after MUCH hesitation. MD seemed so much developer-oriented to me. As you understand, I am not a technical guy. I can say MD has given headaches, regrets and even anxiety on multiple occasions. On other occasions, I could see "the light". I can only see today the extreme power of MD. MD is NOT perfect. It is NOT complete. There are other very competitive themes out there. But knowing @Alex's new decision to focus exclusively on MD, I can only see an extremely BRIGHT future. The days I discovered The STREAM, I immediately thought it was just USELESS. Who wants that, knowing that we're all running after time and already have too many distractions? After much thought, I think there is such GREAT potential in that unique feature. I have shared many ideas in my posts about it in this forum. I think you all know about Telegram or What's App. The Stream could be juste another way of doing the same if enhanced: Sharing audio with an integrated audio (or even video) live recorder, triggering discussions, managing multiple threads, etc. But I'm going down the road of details and specifics here. This is just my way of sharing my appraisal for @Alex and excitement for MD. I am a MARKETER. I am a copywriter. I just think MD could be a killer tool if it integrated ALL the ideas I shared about The Stream, about Time-delayed Content, etc. YES, I'm being selfish here. LOL. Seriously, selfish is not my style. It has never been. I am just so dead convinced that MD could be put on hot rods (is that even English? ) if it integrated some unique marketing features. MD could be so much business oriented, not in the usual way, but in offering some features not found everywhere else. Hard to explain. May be just a big feeling on my side. All I know is that @Alex has the capacity to listen to his users and this is certainly his best asset. Having a horde with him! Let's make MD rule and reinvent marketing and blogging!
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    Thank you, Alex, for interessting and honest post btw! I knew you are gonna make it!! And stuff like Stagnation, pause or not so many updates are ook! LOOK... You imidietly got to the point where you go for an interface...And that is all that matters for those who are not devs ( me for example and several millions of people!! ) So u just made many people happy! I mean, In my eyes - best move what you can go for .. You can make just a few demos for the start ... ( You can INSPIRE FROM GENERATE PRESS - SITE LIBRARY, OR ASTRA THEME ) .. 2 best demo-install-interfaces out there ...You already did so many websites in those years .. You can enjoy copy many of those, I mean creating similar ones in terms of all kind of features you ever used and - easy! BECAUSE that is the only way how to,,TEACH OTHERS,, how You did it .. see my point? Just dont feel guilty!! You did the great work but spent a lot of time in the world of code and yes now is right because you know about it so you can be aware of stuff and overcome this challenge with an interface and easy LOOK at this: You mentioned freelancers. You named it up there well. If you spend time in for creating something special,... with special feature I will name 1: Filter for blog posts like for categories .. if some demo will contain such a thing .. you can charge and make it paid demo .. charge 100-200 if you want to have such a feature like freelancer .. I would buy all of those paid demos if useful like i am mentioning Why not? It can be very beneficial for ebverobyd you can have more fun. You can escape from that world of code - warcraft haha :)) and just be proud of yourself that you 1. got it. 2. made it. 3 people are happy, better business .. All good! don't feel guilty people in your age not running one man show businesses but sucking Lolipop :DD You can do it! We all know if u just create something similar to GeneratePress system I am sure you will manage! Gp is an amazing theme too btw. It's like 2. best after MD ANYWAY. Dont forget! MD Blog theme - Blog layouts .. And if you check Astra a GP if you already don't know them I mean if you haven't seen them yet. They have also something called premium modules and if you activate it you have advanced option straight in the customizer ( both of these themes having stuff as header option like MD but many features and they are actually super cool, sticky stuff, nice animations, width transparent. They have options like use the main menu as a header before it's under and logo in the middle .. ) Lots of interesting things they have AND? Guess what .. none of these not even scratching the surface on MD in terms of overall designs. I am sure you can make huge success and create massive engagement around MD. 100 percent, because I am sure u can come up with more and more designs which are cmon let's be honest absolutely unique. If you had also more advanced options so your theme would be even more flexible. It can be done in the next years and I think is best what you can do if you wanna stay in the business. You deserve success and YES, Your MD horde Deserves to know. But don't stress cmon anything out there is perfect so what? :)) (Wave)
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    That was a lot of honesty and transparency Mr. Mangini. On behalf of myself and the business I've run (largely on MD) — thank you. Oh, and I think you just wrote ↑ your mission statement my friend.
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    We create online businesses to serve specific needs through a specific voice that is calculated and stays on brand, though unfortunately at the expense of all the other wacko ideas and deep thoughts that may be valuable elsewhere. That's the value of having a personal blog and if you are lucky to own yourname.com, can create a body of work that lasts a lifetime. Over the past week I've been reworking my own personal site in a way that fulfills any urges I have to write other kinds of content. It's not that I wouldn't share this kind of content anywhere else, there's just no better place to put them! Many of us (myself included) are trying to build the most complicated sites and see how far we can stretch MD and WordPress, so this personal site allowed me to experiment with scaling down to build a website. Let me tell you, MD made creating a pretty cool site super easy. Features I have activated throughout the site: Connected to MailChimp in the MD integrations panel Showing one email form in multiple parts of website from one settings screen Enabled the Stream to create a micro-blog Enabled the Bookshelf to create a reading list page Like and share buttons on blog and stream posts Custom sidebars on Stream page (though disabled right now for future plans) Changed some design settings in MD > Site Design and wrote minimal custom CSS to tone down default MD styles ...and none of this required any plugins! In fact, I only have one plugin enabled: The All in One SEO Framework (premium version). I can't believe a site like this exists and is so fast, and using MD's features was just a joy! Not to gush too much of course, it's rare I can use MD in a relaxed environment without stressing about the flaws or getting lost in where I want to take it next. Do you have your own personal sites you have made with MD? Reply here or post your own thread about it!
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    Busy day in the MD Labs today.... Answered support Published the translations tutorial to the MD Blog (thanks @maikman!) Released MD4.9.4.1 Wrote and scheduled the newsletter for 4pm EST today Time to breathe!
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    Started the day by updating the Showcase, we'll see what comes next...
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    Memberful's a pretty good option if you want something simple. And moving away from 1:1 coaching/consulting towards something scalable and/or passive is ideal. For me, the idea is to focus on one small aspect of my consulting. I sold my service as "Monetization Strategies", however, more often than not, I found myself encouraging my client and trying to reassure them that moving forward and taking action is the only way to find out if their idea will actually work. We can do a ton of research, and we can validate our ideas, products, and service offerings, but at the end of the day - we have to just do something if we want to find out if the thing we're working on can become a real business. Those sort of conversations led me to start publishing content, behind a subscription. Anyway, good luck with your transition Ivan.
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    +2 for what Ivan said. Also: Reusable template / code blocks + accompanying CSS that can be re-deployed to other pages (maybe a library created from some of your custom designed MD sites of those willing to share?) More hooks to choose from when using page blocks (e.g. Instead of having to create the page blocks in order they would be shown, I'd like to be able to reorder them AND choose where each shows up on the page) Pre-built templates that don't impact page speed a lot May add more as I use PB's more
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    The new version of MD Popups is no joke.
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    A huge part of the new MD Optins system is to make sure creating popups is fast and easy. The Popups Designer is getting a total UI overhaul and a whole new rethinking of the popups creation process. Instead of trying to build popup designs piece by piece you will be able to toggle through premade templates that all interact with the same text, image, and optin settings for a controlled and easier popup creation process. Even creating custom popup templates from the Designer will be made easier, and adding your own custom popup templates from your child theme will be as easy as using a filter and writing HTML and CSS (keeping things simple!). I will be releasing MD Optins with a few nicely designed popup templates and then open the doors to showing you how to create some too, and plenty more will be added later down the road too. You can see an early preview below for an idea of how the new Popups Designer will work. This doesn't show much, but hopefully gives you an idea of its flexibility in comparison to the current way: Screen Recording 2019-06-17 at 01.16 PM.mov
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    I have been preparing to unveil a new content strategy and released the revamped MD blog design tonight. It's still a work in progress but has greatly consolidated 100+ articles into a clearer way for you to navigate. Go check it out, you might find something new as the new template now holds a lot of previously unlisted tutorials.
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    Hi, When do you expect the new MD 5.0 to be released? I am not sure if it is worth to wait or purchase last version now?
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    A few cool things about the new MD Popups system: The live preview designer uses the same controls across all templates, so any content you add to your popup will morph across different templates, with adjustments being easy to make on the fly. This will make editing your popups easy since you will be using controls you are already familiar with! From a design perspective, you can create custom colors and layouts in your popups and your fonts/spacing will all be inherited from the typography and colors control settings in the new MD Site Design panel. Rather than bogging you down with tons of font and color pickers, MD makes the absolute best assumptions with your very own preferences to make sure your text and spacing looks best—all you have to do is plug in. The new popups settings panel makes it easy to create all of the popups you want and powerfully deploy them around your website. Popup Hotspots are still around too! There are four ways to show popups: Show after X seconds, Show after X% page scroll, Show on Exit Intent, and click on trigger. The [md_popup] shortcode works the same and can be copied from each popup you create, but is now a lot smarter about how it loads popups to your page The new Popups loader on the frontend has been significantly locked down to make sure your popups only load ONCE. That means if you have a popup set to show after 5 seconds, and then also create a clickable trigger somewhere on the page, that popup template will be used for both popups instead of loading the template twice! This is an important optimization that the current popups system messes up on, and MD5.0 handed beautifully. Speaking of performance, these popups are all HOMEMADE and do not rely on ANY kind of third party service, nor any kind of dependency like jQuery. The popups builder and attached scripts are all unique and handmade by myself for MD, and come in at a whopping 12kb JavaScript file that also powers the rest of the interactive features like share buttons, floating bars, menu toggles, and others. I find this to be an incredible accomplishment considering every single other optins system bogs your site now with incredibly bloated templates and scripts. In MD, you get the most power with the simplest code. Cookies still work, and you can make your automatically displayed popups and floating bars disappear after any number of days you choose to set in the options panel. Child theme developers, you will be able to really take control over your popups by editing their source code. Just find the popup template you wish to modify in MD's new templates folder and you can copy it right over to your child theme. In addition to the simple controls in the Popups Designer, you can also wipe any popup completely clean and write your own HTML and CSS to custom build popups right from the Live Previewer. I am working on this project every day and I truly cannot wait to see what you all do with it.
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    Another cool email form variation....
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    A few of many, many design possibilities you can create in the new Popups Designer...
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    MD5.0 will improve your site in many, many ways. Not only has the Typography admin settings got a revamp, but they have gotten much smarter and make it easier to make very good looking typography changes in less effort. For instance, it is common to want body (paragraph) text to be one kind of font and headings a different font and even weight (probably more bold). While prior to MD5.0 this was possible, it was tedious in that you had to enter the individual settings for not only the body text, but for each heading just to get them all to look the same. This makes an otherwise smart typography system quite dumb, so MD5.0 chains your typography together in a much smarter way with the same level of in-depth customization control (if you need it). First of all, with the simple devices switcher you can control the heading font sizes on desktop, tablet and mobile while seeing the current values MD's smart typography system calculates for you: Also take note of the h1's font family and font weight: by default it inherits the values you set in the body, which makes sense since your Body fonts are the global fonts that apply to every element on your page. There is nothing new about this functionality, but it's only until you stat adjusting the h2-h5 heading styles that you see the new difference: You can see that h2 (and the other heading tags below it) will now inherit their styles from the main h1 tag, which means that all of your heading styles will follow suit with the main title tag. This makes sense because just as h1 follows the lead of the body tag, so do the h2-h5 tags follow the lead of the main title on the page. Now instead of adjusting the settings of every heading tag to get the same results, MD makes the sweeping changes for you (but don't worry, the true tweakers amongst you can still grind those individual details out!) While a seemingly small detail, this has resulted an outstanding upgrade to how beautiful and scalable your typography will read on your site, and is just one of the many new details coming to MD5.0 that is going to propel your site to greater heights.
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    Great question, and one I will be addressing in more detail during Alpha testing. Basically, Page Leads will no longer be included in MD5.0 and will need to be installed as a child theme dropin (I will be offering instructions and installations for anybody who needs it). During the development of MD5.0 I have been taking the same high level measures as every other feature to ensure Page Leads will be fully compatible with MD5.0 sites, so you will not lose any data and will only have to perform the Dropin installation. From there you will still be able to use Page Leads if you choose, they will just not receive new features and only be maintained for any bugs/compatibility. Once the powerful MD5.0 is unleashed, the new full content building replacement system for Page Leads will begin as well. So don't be afraid to continue using Page Leads on your site, they will be fully compatible with MD5.0.
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    Closing out another night of MD5.0 development, I decided to get a little chatty and give you a 5 minute tour of the new Optins features. This has been the largest MD project yet and I am working on it almost every day (but definitely every night!) to get Alpha testing ready. Take a listen to my quick and dirty tour and let me know if you see anything you like! https://www.dropbox.com/s/wg33htf2auazpd1/Screen Recording 2020-02-03 at 09.18 PM.mov?dl=0
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    Hey Alex, would you be able to give a quick rundown of what is happening with page leads and how they will be impacted by the new version. As I use page leads on alot of my sites?
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    Hello Alex! I hope you are doing well, First of all all the best in new year and quickly what i am all about: I am trying to achieve 2 lines button with MD i see its normal i see you have it in popup ( 2 lines - marketing styles button ) i see it in welcoming mat on mickyvisit website... Any chance to get access to code? P.S. i will wait becasue when i observe what s going on here on forums, bugs, errors, issues so i wish you good luck with all of that first and then if u be so kind, i would apreciate it my man! Regards!
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    Yes, and I am asking you of anything specific in that outdated, yet shipped version of jQuery that you are concerned about. I did a little research and found an actively maintained plugin that allows you to change the version of jQuery: https://wordpress.org/plugins/jquery-manager/
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    I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years and took some time for themselves. I took a bit of an extended vacation with family and friends I haven't seen in a while, and fortunately got much of the MD5.0 development I talked about in my last post completed. I am running some tedious tests on my own and will open the Alpha testing period shortly thereafter, shooing for the end of January if not sooner.
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    ehhh. Change or die, right? Ha! This looks really good. Slick, simple, and intuitive -- exactly what I've come to expect from MD.
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    The MD5.0 lineup is looking like this: Totally revamped data system/options API — This cuts down the data MD saves to your site significantly and also offers new and easy developer tools for creating custom admin pages, settings, and other ways to extend the WordPress admin panel. This is the most exciting part of MD5.0 and opens the doors to the new features as well as exciting new capabilities like importable templates, settings, and the MD page builder. New Site Design panel — I am ditching the Customizer in MD5.0 and moving the site design options to the MD admin page. The Customizer technology is burdensome to build on top of and is too involved to offer a great live preview experience. it is also clear to me that WordPress itself is no longer taking the Customizer seriously anymore as they are developing Gutenberg, so I am moving the Site Design options to their own admin page where we will have more control and an easier time designing our sites than ever before! MD Optins — This is the star of the show, all backed by the new refinements mentioned above. MD optins will introduce a totally revamped Popups builder (still using the Customizer, but in a limited basis), Floating Bar call to actions, and a new feature called Corner Notes. I have been working on this update feverishly and though still a few weeks away, I will be opening up an Alpha/Beta test program to anybody who is interested. MD5.0 is going to take us to the next level, hope you are getting excited.
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  40. 1 point
    Great post @Ray ! Nice to hear all that! Stay in touch my friend.
  41. 1 point
    A quick word to help the community here. Should you want to use a REDIRECT URL for your THANK YOU pages (or others) your forms, do NOT use the one integrated in MailerLite or Aweber. MD 4.9.6 was just released a few minutes ago. It now contains a dedicated URL field to that effect? Have a look below, you will find it on the Block editor. I just checked it with MailerLite. This MD feature seems to bypass/cut the REDIRECT you might be able to set in your mailing system (which is a good thing). I tested it with a REDIRECT URL also set at the time in MailerLite, and the MD features overrides it every time.
  42. 1 point
    I recently took over a project from another Developer. Getting the hang of MD and Dropins - really cool. I do have a question though regarding SEO - generally we use Yoast SEO for the site. However, in the 'admin' of the dropin yoast SEO is not visible as it's not a "page" - unless there's a way I can register it that way. Alternatively any way I can manually add the meta I want to add to the dropin page? It appears to be an archive. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  43. 1 point
    Thanks for the honesty Alex! I think focussing on one thing is the best thing you could do. Does this mean the MD content builder will be released somewhere in the near future? #cantwait
  44. 1 point
    Hey, good question here - these are two powerful options that can have a big implication your page speed. Combine child theme CSS into style.css - that will merge the style.css of your child theme into MD's style.css file and load all of your site's CSS at once instead of splitting them into two HTTP requests. Print style.css inline - This will directly print the stylesheet to your site's head without loading from a file, which means your CSS is instantly readable by a browser without it having to download the separate style.css file. I also have minified the CSS once printed to your head, so there is no faster way to serve CSS than enabling both of these options together. The MD CSS system is unique and I am excited to do a video/more detailed documentation guide explaining how to use it even further but this should give you an understanding of these simple yet powerful options.
  45. 1 point
    Hey Ivan, thanks for sharing Alex, yes - this is on our list for this final quarter of the year. We want to speed the site up and make the technical changes so we roll into 2020 in a good shape. It must be 5/6 years of using your products now Alex! Chris.
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    There is still plenty of tweaking to be made but the new popups listing is far more inspiring already!
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    MD4.9.5 is now available! This is a simple update that adds a direct integration with MailerLite, meaning you can now connect your site to this popular email service to embed code-free email forms and popups with Marketers Delight. A big thank you to @MasterHealer and others for requesting this feature and I hope it makes your workflows a lot easier. I wrote a stream post to go along with the update so you can read that here. Otherwise MD4.9.5 is waiting for you in your WP admin right now!
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    I've been thinking about it myself, but for now my main business (personal training) needs 100% of my attention. Once I get that going like a well-oiled machine I plan on starting up a passion project personal site... just saying what's on my mind regarding topics like fatherhood, music, history, tattoos, fiction, etc. I'll post it here when it's up!
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    I am definitely curious about this one-part of Raylosophy? ----- An early one for me today. Looking to knock out a ton of client work by 10am, get some sun, then back on for some Premium MD projects, then find some time for MD Popups. Will update back with what I actually did when all is said and done. Created a testimonials page for MD using the Testimonials Dropin (link on showcase page). Will now have a quick and easy way to add testimonials to this page as they come in. I added a custom sidebar with links back to blog reviews too. Redesigned the Members area for simpler navigation, removed old resources, and added new Dropins listing. Check it out! Updated the design of the Changelog page Moved the blog to Marketersdelight.com/blog, put landing back to front page tweaked a bunch of copy, adjusted spacing on landing page Added Bitcoin as an accepted payment for MD... lets see how this goes!
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    Woo expert... Oh boy, I can't handle the pressure ;-) I really like the features! Cart icon and minimal checkout fields are things i need to implement on multiple websites. This will make it a lot easier. :-) With MD you can also build good salespages, but i don't like the default WooCommerce checkoutpage. That's the reason i'm using different checkout pages for each digital product (see uploaded file). Maybe this would benefit more MD customers if you could integrate this functionality into MD. :-) Since you can already connect MD to an email service provider, it would be great if you can collect email addresses when someone buys a product from your store. To segment the customers, sending tags to the email service provider with the product name would be helpfull as well.
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