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    The Design Options are also impressively simple and will allow you to create many combinations of good-looking Floating Bars. Let's take the following settings for example: They produce the following results, a nice Floating Bar with a simple image and perfect vertical alignment (even if you removed some text) with just about the default settings intact. My next goal was to recreate a custom floating bar I made for a client site with a particular breakout effect. By changing a few settings, we now have the following Floating Bar. Notice the breakout image effect and slightly shorter content box: The only difference? We adjusted the content and CTA width, and added a breakout effect to the image: But now let's say we want to use an email form instead of a button. We go to the CTA tab to quickly change out to an email form: But the result is a little squished, since an email form is usually longer than a button: No problem! We can go back to the Design tab and tell this Floating Bar to use the full width of the browser rather than the max site width: The result is much better when using larger image and wide email forms, and is arguably more readable: ----- I hope you enjoyed this quick demonstration! The Floating Bar feature, along with the rest of MD5.0 is coming out incredibly and I am proud of what this new software will be able to accomplish on your sites with minimal resources. The goal of building a full Optins system into MD is to obviously give you powerful lead capture tools yet also keep your site running fast. As always, no jQuery or other wild scripts will be loaded to power these tools which is unheard of for how advanced these kinds of tools are. Because MD is built with simple technologies, you can rest assured that it will work on any web host of any power (even shared hosting) and is all in one lightweight package, the MD Theme (which may weigh even smaller by the time MD5.0 is done, yet with 1,000% more power). If you have any feedback or questions, now is the time for having your say about how these features come out!
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    *phew* building an optins/popup system is not easy and I can see why there are so many massive companies out there who charge you a monthly fee to enable popups on your website. I don't think any elements of your site should be a rentable feature, and the complexity overhead on that is way too much for, again, a single element of your entire website. MD Optins will come with some seriously kickass and flexible optins that match your site, and will be open enough to create your own and even to import new templates from the future popups library coming to MD.com. Gotta get through this hurdle now for a lot of time, money, and complexity saved in the future...
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    As of this moment, MD Optins is officially in Alpha. ...but MD5.0 as a whole is just shy of Alpha status. Alpha testing --> Beta testing --> Launch!
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    I'm seeing awesome progress! Love the new floating bar.
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    The first demo Floating Bars are coming out, and deploying these things around your site will be a breeze with the above admin controls! MD5.0 is about templates, so alternative templates will be available just as writing your own custom HTML templates is easy to plug into this system.
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    The revamped MD API is going to be one of the best custom fields and settings builder in WordPress, and the new Floating Bars and other MD Optins tools will be a testament to its power. With minimal effort, creating as many floating bars as you need with advanced settings will be a breeze. Can't wait to release Alpha!
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    The layout controls available in the Popups Designer are seriously smart (cue background coffee shop music). Screen Recording 2020-02-17 at 06.24 PM.mov
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    Hi, When do you expect the new MD 5.0 to be released? I am not sure if it is worth to wait or purchase last version now?
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    A few cool things about the new MD Popups system: The live preview designer uses the same controls across all templates, so any content you add to your popup will morph across different templates, with adjustments being easy to make on the fly. This will make editing your popups easy since you will be using controls you are already familiar with! From a design perspective, you can create custom colors and layouts in your popups and your fonts/spacing will all be inherited from the typography and colors control settings in the new MD Site Design panel. Rather than bogging you down with tons of font and color pickers, MD makes the absolute best assumptions with your very own preferences to make sure your text and spacing looks best—all you have to do is plug in. The new popups settings panel makes it easy to create all of the popups you want and powerfully deploy them around your website. Popup Hotspots are still around too! There are four ways to show popups: Show after X seconds, Show after X% page scroll, Show on Exit Intent, and click on trigger. The [md_popup] shortcode works the same and can be copied from each popup you create, but is now a lot smarter about how it loads popups to your page The new Popups loader on the frontend has been significantly locked down to make sure your popups only load ONCE. That means if you have a popup set to show after 5 seconds, and then also create a clickable trigger somewhere on the page, that popup template will be used for both popups instead of loading the template twice! This is an important optimization that the current popups system messes up on, and MD5.0 handed beautifully. Speaking of performance, these popups are all HOMEMADE and do not rely on ANY kind of third party service, nor any kind of dependency like jQuery. The popups builder and attached scripts are all unique and handmade by myself for MD, and come in at a whopping 12kb JavaScript file that also powers the rest of the interactive features like share buttons, floating bars, menu toggles, and others. I find this to be an incredible accomplishment considering every single other optins system bogs your site now with incredibly bloated templates and scripts. In MD, you get the most power with the simplest code. Cookies still work, and you can make your automatically displayed popups and floating bars disappear after any number of days you choose to set in the options panel. Child theme developers, you will be able to really take control over your popups by editing their source code. Just find the popup template you wish to modify in MD's new templates folder and you can copy it right over to your child theme. In addition to the simple controls in the Popups Designer, you can also wipe any popup completely clean and write your own HTML and CSS to custom build popups right from the Live Previewer. I am working on this project every day and I truly cannot wait to see what you all do with it.
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    Another cool email form variation....
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    A few of many, many design possibilities you can create in the new Popups Designer...
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    MD5.0 will improve your site in many, many ways. Not only has the Typography admin settings got a revamp, but they have gotten much smarter and make it easier to make very good looking typography changes in less effort. For instance, it is common to want body (paragraph) text to be one kind of font and headings a different font and even weight (probably more bold). While prior to MD5.0 this was possible, it was tedious in that you had to enter the individual settings for not only the body text, but for each heading just to get them all to look the same. This makes an otherwise smart typography system quite dumb, so MD5.0 chains your typography together in a much smarter way with the same level of in-depth customization control (if you need it). First of all, with the simple devices switcher you can control the heading font sizes on desktop, tablet and mobile while seeing the current values MD's smart typography system calculates for you: Also take note of the h1's font family and font weight: by default it inherits the values you set in the body, which makes sense since your Body fonts are the global fonts that apply to every element on your page. There is nothing new about this functionality, but it's only until you stat adjusting the h2-h5 heading styles that you see the new difference: You can see that h2 (and the other heading tags below it) will now inherit their styles from the main h1 tag, which means that all of your heading styles will follow suit with the main title tag. This makes sense because just as h1 follows the lead of the body tag, so do the h2-h5 tags follow the lead of the main title on the page. Now instead of adjusting the settings of every heading tag to get the same results, MD makes the sweeping changes for you (but don't worry, the true tweakers amongst you can still grind those individual details out!) While a seemingly small detail, this has resulted an outstanding upgrade to how beautiful and scalable your typography will read on your site, and is just one of the many new details coming to MD5.0 that is going to propel your site to greater heights.
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    Great stuff. Love what I'm seeing. Especially the floating bar is just what I've been waiting for.
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    Great question, and one I will be addressing in more detail during Alpha testing. Basically, Page Leads will no longer be included in MD5.0 and will need to be installed as a child theme dropin (I will be offering instructions and installations for anybody who needs it). During the development of MD5.0 I have been taking the same high level measures as every other feature to ensure Page Leads will be fully compatible with MD5.0 sites, so you will not lose any data and will only have to perform the Dropin installation. From there you will still be able to use Page Leads if you choose, they will just not receive new features and only be maintained for any bugs/compatibility. Once the powerful MD5.0 is unleashed, the new full content building replacement system for Page Leads will begin as well. So don't be afraid to continue using Page Leads on your site, they will be fully compatible with MD5.0.
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    Closing out another night of MD5.0 development, I decided to get a little chatty and give you a 5 minute tour of the new Optins features. This has been the largest MD project yet and I am working on it almost every day (but definitely every night!) to get Alpha testing ready. Take a listen to my quick and dirty tour and let me know if you see anything you like! https://www.dropbox.com/s/wg33htf2auazpd1/Screen Recording 2020-02-03 at 09.18 PM.mov?dl=0
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    Hey Alex, would you be able to give a quick rundown of what is happening with page leads and how they will be impacted by the new version. As I use page leads on alot of my sites?
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    Not only is it helpful to be able to rapidly create and edit Floating Bars, but also to quickly position them on the right pages. Here we see the global deployment options with various display settings locked into a very simple panel, with page by page display options also in the works for dealing with exceptions, or only working on single page locations.
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    Yes, that 2 style button will actually be a core feature in the revamped MD Popups maker. The ability to chain popups together will be a breeze and I can't wait to have you test it when the Alpha version is ready.
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    Hello Alex! I hope you are doing well, First of all all the best in new year and quickly what i am all about: I am trying to achieve 2 lines button with MD i see its normal i see you have it in popup ( 2 lines - marketing styles button ) i see it in welcoming mat on mickyvisit website... Any chance to get access to code? P.S. i will wait becasue when i observe what s going on here on forums, bugs, errors, issues so i wish you good luck with all of that first and then if u be so kind, i would apreciate it my man! Regards!
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    MD5.0 is not just about huge new features, but refining the core of what makes a website authoritative. Take the new author box design, which isn't afraid to be more bold than its current design and list your links in a nice and subtle way. Why make the author box stand out more? Not only is it important to craft a post that is highly informative and detailed, but to also add credibility. With just a few lines, a good head shot and links to your most important pages on the Internet, you can instantly back up your post with the new Author Box coming into MD5.0.
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