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  2. The MD5.0 lineup is looking like this: Totally revamped data system/options API — This cuts down the data MD saves to your site significantly and also offers new and easy developer tools for creating custom admin pages, settings, and other ways to extend the WordPress admin panel. This is the most exciting part of MD5.0 and opens the doors to the new features as well as exciting new capabilities like importable templates, settings, and the MD page builder. New Site Design panel — I am ditching the Customizer in MD5.0 and moving the site design options to the MD admin page. The Customizer technology is burdensome to build on top of and is too involved to offer a great live preview experience. it is also clear to me that WordPress itself is no longer taking the Customizer seriously anymore as they are developing Gutenberg, so I am moving the Site Design options to their own admin page where we will have more control and an easier time designing our sites than ever before! MD Optins — This is the star of the show, all backed by the new refinements mentioned above. MD optins will introduce a totally revamped Popups builder (still using the Customizer, but in a limited basis), Floating Bar call to actions, and a new feature called Corner Notes. I have been working on this update feverishly and though still a few weeks away, I will be opening up an Alpha/Beta test program to anybody who is interested. MD5.0 is going to take us to the next level, hope you are getting excited.
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  5. Making a clear offer up front and going over-the-top to strengthen its value Creating consistent, engaging content to go along with it Repeat From the beginning when you visit MD.com you see that I am selling a WordPress theme called Marketers Delight and from there you can read about everything it offers and read into its benefits. From there every other blog post, stream post, download, offer, and every other piece of content that follows it supports your purchase. You aren't just getting one download, but many supporting pieces that adds a lot of extra value. The most sales and highest levels of engagement the MD email list makes is when I am emailing about a new version or release. General content and new tutorial newsletters do okay, but nothing gets my list more excited than something new that is ready for them to use. Basically, value value value and then repeat. Now this doesn't build my email list but it does strengthen it. The highest quality email list you can build is a list of those who have purchased something from you. The trust is already there since they have purchased from you, now it's just on you to keep adding value and not mess up, really.
  6. Sorry I am late to this thread—EPIC idea! It's true that many people will join your email list just for the freebie, but if you can structure your funnel properly the ideal thing that happens is as follows: Somebody signs up to your newsletter to download your freebie Your freebie is genuinely valuable and leaves an impression on them/teaches them something profound Your freebie has a "next step" option to buy your higher ticket item like a product or hire you for your services The best case scenario is that you sell your higher ticket items through offering a freebie—where you stand to make a lot of money, and the worst case scenario is you only gain an email subscriber (which is important for a variety of reasons). The $1/$2 idea severely limits those possibilities and I don't think will yield any worthwhile revenue. To avoid paying for dead subscribers, you should clean out subscribers who haven't opened any emails in the whatever criteria you see appropriate Every few months I delete subscribers from the MD list who haven't opened the last 5 emails and I haven't missed any of them yet! I'd say this one depends on your offer, but for most blogs I would recommend going with Option A and really nailing the offer. Come up with the absolute best text, best image, and best freebie/incentive, and run hard with it. Once your site gets bigger and audience more diverse, that's where coming up with contextual popups could come in handy, and is something I have in mind for the upcoming MD popups builder. Again, this one all depends on the context and it's really more about when you place the signup offer. These days I know sidebar optins don't convert well (but I have an idea in MD to help revive the sidebar optin) and the absolute best ways to convert are 1) In-content offers (that's why I have created different call to action Blocks for the new post editor) 2) Floating bar offers (also coming in MD5.0) The days of throwing optins in random places and hoping they stick are mostly over because we have figured out some of the best areas that these offers convert now.
  7. As of late I have been practicing my new writing habit on my personal blog and have been having a blast. At the end of every night I have committed myself to writing something new for the MD website or my blog and each night I feel as I have gotten a little better. I am fortunate to own the .com domain to my name so I have been using it to put the rawest, most real thoughts and experiences from my life there and I can tell it is only going to get weirder (crazier?) as time goes on. While I try to make these posts somewhat interesting and readable for others, I am ultimately writing for myself despite how incomplete they often feel. I have an inkling that I put myself at risk sharing such personal things here on the "business" forum, but I am not asking for anybody's judgement and my track record speaks for itself as imperfect as it may be. Here are the new blog posts that have come up since I declared this new writing habit... enjoy? How I Used Tobacco to Quit Marijuana - September 26, 2019 How I Reclaimed My Voice After Years of Gray - October 30, 2019 Results From the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush (Ongoing Cleanse) - November 4, 2019 The Pain You Carry is the Life You Live - November 6, 2019
  8. I know many of you use Marketers Delight to create marketing related sites, but how often are you publishing to your blog? Having a blog attached to your products can be one of the most effective ways to bring targeted traffic to your site and is a excellent long-term strategy for building an audience. On top of that, writing is a therapeutic experience and thrilling hobby to get good at that will give you plenty of keepsakes to look back on over the years. To help get your writing exposed and even help encourage you to publish more, I am opening up the new "Share Your Posts" forum where you are free to create threads to share blog posts you publish to your websites and open up discussion from the MD community. A few house rules to keep things orderly: This forum is specifically for posts published to your website's blog and nothing else. That includes no landing pages, new product releases, about pages, or anything outside of your blog. Please only create 1-2 threads per week per site and group as many blog posts as it makes sense into your thread. For example, if you publish multiple blog posts per week it may be best to create a new thread here per week with links to all of them. Refrain from replying to others threads with simple remarks like "Nice post!" and "Agreed!" and stay on topic with constructive discussions.
  9. Thanks for the support brother. Good call on the teaser styling, it looks a lot better now.
  10. Library66 is easily my favorite newsletter and always the first email I check in my inbox every morning. I haven't thought of the Stream for this purpose and I LOVE it! I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being the most highly visited page on the site. Very well designed and love the images you found (or made?) to design these widgets. You have always been an expert with the Content Spotlight on your sites! Very curious to see how you use Share Notices. It's my dream to make these kinds of optin forms/templates a breeze with MD; version 5.0 should get us there. ----- I'd like to make a suggestion to make the blog teasers listing typography more attractive. Here is the styling I did to make the make the subtext more complementary rather than dominant over the headline: The simple styles: .blog-teaser .small-title { font-size: 22px; line-height: 31px; margin-bottom: 6px; } .blog-teaser .byline { display: none; } .blog-teaser p { color: #777; font-size: 16px; line-height: 25px; } Keep up the great work and really excited to watch this project expand.
  11. Great post @Ray ! Nice to hear all that! Stay in touch my friend.
  12. So I finally did it. And I did it on MD. What did I do? Glad you asked. I launched a distraction-free daily newsletter around one of my favorite sources of inspiration and hope - The Bible. For me, The Bible is a library of 66 books, hence the name of my (fairly) new site - Library66.com How am I using Marketers Delight? Marketers Delight provides a clean, minimalist canvas to highlight the most important aspects of my new venture. The content. 1. Having the flexibility to customize the background color, text color, link-text color, text spacing, and top/bottom height in the header was a great start during the development phase. 2. I added a (bold) subscribe button to the header menu which draws the attention (of desktop visitors) to the most important call to action on my site. The button looks great, and took less than 2 seconds to apply. 3. As with all digital newsletters, it's important to offer an archive of past newsletter issues. So for this, I decided to use The Stream. Using The Stream as my newsletter archive gives tells potential subscribers that Library66 is a different kind of newsletter. The care and attention to detail I'm showing the archive is indicative of how important Library66 is to me, and I believe it will lead to greater engagement and a great source of email subscribers. 4. Using the Content Spotlight widget to showcase my featured content. 5. Enabled the share buttons at the bottom of my posts, but I might try the Share Notice Editor Block instead. 6. I'm currently hosting the opt-in form/page on a subdomain but would like to use an Email Page Lead (site wide). Just waiting to get my hands on MD 5.0 Which plugins am I using? 1. LuckyWP Table of Contents - activate. You can see it on all of my featured posts. 2. Rank Math SEO - active. I don't think I'm going to keep it, but for now, it's my SEO plugin of choice. 3. Classic Editor - inactive. What else? Library66 is growing and I'm getting a lot of positive feedback on the speed and look of the site so Kudos to @Alex If you have any suggestions on how I can improve/optimize my site or make better use of MD's features, feel free to submit your feedback below.
  13. Moved to General Discussion. A good distinction here! As MD's email functionality increases it will be important to distinguish which functions should go into MD and others left to the email service. Since the thank you page is most likely going to be created from WordPress, it makes sense this feature is here, and also makes your lists more flexible if used across multiple sites. In the future I see other fields like "Already Subscribed?," and the "Please Confirm your email" page making it into this feature set as well.
  14. A quick word to help the community here. Should you want to use a REDIRECT URL for your THANK YOU pages (or others) your forms, do NOT use the one integrated in MailerLite or Aweber. MD 4.9.6 was just released a few minutes ago. It now contains a dedicated URL field to that effect? Have a look below, you will find it on the Block editor. I just checked it with MailerLite. This MD feature seems to bypass/cut the REDIRECT you might be able to set in your mailing system (which is a good thing). I tested it with a REDIRECT URL also set at the time in MailerLite, and the MD features overrides it every time.
  15. Hey, I'm hardly the guy you want advice from when it comes to building your list, but here are my thoughts. You really won't know what works for your site and your audience until you try a few things. Try all of it or none of it, but the beauty of MD is that you have all of those options. Everything is really just theory until you find out what works for YOUR audience. However, my list building success has almost always come down to presenting an experience that's true to the niche and audience I'm trying to serve. So with that said - you should get to know your audience and design your onboarding process to fit them.
  16. Let me provide my own answers. QUESTION 1: How to best use existing MD features to build your email list? Thought #01: FREEBIE or NOT FREEBIE I am wondering what is the most effective way of using Email Form and Popups on my web site to build my list of potential future customers (as opposed to simple subscribers that will NEVER pay ). Here are my thoughts. You can read EVERYWHERE that you should absolutely provide a FREEBIE to build your list. The thing is that MANY people will JUST subscribe to get the freebie. They will increase your list for... nothing. They might never become your customers. They may force you to pay extra to MailChimp or similar services... I am tempted not to provide a freebie. Or to provide a "freebie" for ONLY $1 or $2 to filter the less serious person. Who can't pay $2? ANY EXPERIENCE on that? Thought #02: ONE SINGLE POPUP vs. MULTIPLE POPUP Option a: Do you think it is best to enforce the SAME CONSISTENT message everywhere on your site with the same, consistent POPUP? Option b: Or is it best to have contextual popups and offers very different messages, hoping one will hut the target and convince the visitors? I see option a as much more selective to refine and capture a niche audience than option b, that might be better to get more subscribers and please your ego. But which one is best in terms of business results? Has anyone a view on this? Thought #03: Email Form (option A) Vs Image-to-Popup (option B). Which strategy is the most effective? Which one do you think is best: Option A: The opt-ion form on the right hand side, capturing immediately the emails. Option B: The IMAGE + TEXT on the left, followed by the Popup (below, next image).
  17. Guys, Community, @Ray, @Alex MD stands for MARKETERS... delight. M-A-R-K-E-T-E-R-S! What I am doing here is igniting a kind of brainstorming thread that might be extremely beneficial to ALL OF US. Here is my question: WHAT DO YOU THINK ARE THE TOP 3 MOST EFFECTIVE PRACTICES / TOOLS TO INCREASE YOUR MAILING LIST? In other words: What are the most beneficial tools in MD today to build your list? And especially how to bets use them?
  18. First, thanks @Alex for the blunt honesty. Very few people are capable of doing so and it requires not only humbleness but also a certain form of maturity, not to say wisdom. I am that type of very detailed-oriented person (combined with a perfectionist personality - shame on me), and it was a nightmare for me to choose the right Wordpress theme. I went for MD after MUCH hesitation. MD seemed so much developer-oriented to me. As you understand, I am not a technical guy. I can say MD has given headaches, regrets and even anxiety on multiple occasions. On other occasions, I could see "the light". I can only see today the extreme power of MD. MD is NOT perfect. It is NOT complete. There are other very competitive themes out there. But knowing @Alex's new decision to focus exclusively on MD, I can only see an extremely BRIGHT future. The days I discovered The STREAM, I immediately thought it was just USELESS. Who wants that, knowing that we're all running after time and already have too many distractions? After much thought, I think there is such GREAT potential in that unique feature. I have shared many ideas in my posts about it in this forum. I think you all know about Telegram or What's App. The Stream could be juste another way of doing the same if enhanced: Sharing audio with an integrated audio (or even video) live recorder, triggering discussions, managing multiple threads, etc. But I'm going down the road of details and specifics here. This is just my way of sharing my appraisal for @Alex and excitement for MD. I am a MARKETER. I am a copywriter. I just think MD could be a killer tool if it integrated ALL the ideas I shared about The Stream, about Time-delayed Content, etc. YES, I'm being selfish here. LOL. Seriously, selfish is not my style. It has never been. I am just so dead convinced that MD could be put on hot rods (is that even English? ) if it integrated some unique marketing features. MD could be so much business oriented, not in the usual way, but in offering some features not found everywhere else. Hard to explain. May be just a big feeling on my side. All I know is that @Alex has the capacity to listen to his users and this is certainly his best asset. Having a horde with him! Let's make MD rule and reinvent marketing and blogging!
  19. I've changed from being a fulltime freelance webdesigner (only doing a few websites a year) to being a website owner a motocamel.nl Having my own popular websites makes it that I am pushing the line of what is possible with MD using the documentation you provide. I've changed from building a website and handing it over, to using the website every day myself, coming across more ideas and bugs. I know how to code and how to design, but my preferences lies more with a solution like MD which provide me with all the tools to create unique designs. So if you provide more video material, showing us how to push the boundaries with MD, not only will most of us be building better websites, but visitors (or clients) want all the goodness they're experiencing on our websites.
  20. Thank you everybody for your amazing responses, I knew sharing this with you all would be the right move and your support means the world as I move to making the words in my original post a reality. The only thing I regret is the date I set, it took me up until this day to get my personal life back in order and the MD Labs situated yet again, but I am here, full present, and EXCITED! Keen - this may have to make the actual MD site. It one form or another - the Gutenberg editor in WordPress leaves me slightly hesitant although my ideas for page building in MD are different and truly rely on the frontend. The term content builder is an important one, though, and differs from how I define page builders. The content building tools I envision for MD are ones similar to the Stream and Bookshelf, where MD will provide a simple admin interface that makes creating different kinds of content pages easy—more than just longform writing and inherently more useful than page builders who only provide the shells for your content. These content building tools also give you strategy. I love reading your posts because they are always so full of enthusiasm and of course great ideas! A modular system where you can import/export different settings and layouts is definitely a high priority because they unlock the things you are asking for like demos, alternative blog layouts, and just better usability when cloning sites and will be very easy to implement with MD's solid data structure. To your point about teaching: that is exactly what needs to be done in addition to development as there is so much more to MD than meets the eye! I won't make any promises on that, I will just do it and make the MD blog one of the best around. Much of what is coming next was born from the work we've done the past 6 months and I can't thank you enough brother! I hope we are able to bring some of the people here to the Sacred Garden in the near future for a similar rebirth. I agree with every word here and it has frustrated me too. It took a lot to see I didn't get in this to run around for a few clients, but the writer of a great product that can be used by thousands of people. That was harder to admit under the cloud of the money that is out there, but none of that would compare if I had just stayed focused on the mission here. I don't have anything against freelancing as it is possible to make quite a good living from it, I just want to step away to enable that possibility for you all through MD as well. YouTube and writing will be a huge part here and finishing stuff especially! Would you be interested in freelancing with MD as this material becomes more available? ----- Thank you again everyone, see you around the forums!
  21. Thanks for being Honest Alex. I've also been somewhat dissapointed by MD lately. I feel it has so much more potential, but it has been stagnating for a while now. Seeing you make the decision to stop taking on freelance work and focus on MD really really makes my day! I'd also love to see you complete a serie on how to use the full potential of MD. You started a few YouTube series, but never completed it. Same goes for some articles. I think a good combination of articles and video's would give current users a boost to start working on their MD site again. While at the same time, it gives potential customers the push to purchase MD because of all the great features.
  22. I was blessed to have stood on the frontlines with you these past 6 months and I can testify to everyone here that this is incredible news! I can see why some folks here are sensing a bit of guilt and unfair pressure you are putting on yourself... but, I can can also testify that when reading between the lines, you are just revealing your dedication and passion for MD and how much greater an impact it could have with this major shift in focus beginning Oct 15th. As individual creators and collective members of the MD community, it is important that we hold ourselves accountable to dive in deeper and become our own master of MD/Wordpress. And ALSO that we help keep Alex accountable to show us the way, as he has expressed his passion for! You don't have to start your own freelance business... but, WHY NOT?! I personally am inspired to do just that. As an example, I have built a music business founded on the context of personal development. My highest ticket item in my sales funnel is actually physically BUILDING out my client/fans passion on the internet using a self-hosted wordpress and the MD theme. How much could that be worth to you, to them? They sky is the limit and I have the utmost confidence knowing that Alex is in my corner if need him, but ultimately that he is leading the charge! Thank you for your transparency and all that you do Alex... looking forward to diving in deeper with MD! With Luv and Gratitude, ~/\/\~
  23. Glad to hear - would love to see the site you are working on! MD will be taking the Dropins concept much farther in the neat future. For anyone else wondering, Yoast adds a title and description setting for custom post type archive pages in the "Titles & Description" admin settings. So for any Stream, Bookshelf, Videos, or other pages you can change the meta right from those settings.
  24. By the way, I fixed a permissions error on this forum that now allows you to reply to this thread. Any feedback or ideas are all welcome and encouraged since your voice here could shape how this tool works!
  25. Sounds good, Alex! Nobody is perfect, so why should you be? You're amazing in your own extra ordinary and creative way. Remember that. I'm greatful I've found MD and you. It works for me. Keep up the good spirit.
  26. I recently took over a project from another Developer. Getting the hang of MD and Dropins - really cool. I do have a question though regarding SEO - generally we use Yoast SEO for the site. However, in the 'admin' of the dropin yoast SEO is not visible as it's not a "page" - unless there's a way I can register it that way. Alternatively any way I can manually add the meta I want to add to the dropin page? It appears to be an archive. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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