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  2. This is too cool and I am excited for the extremely action packed next 5-6 years! To help with your transition I'd be happy to do a child theme audit and help you out on that front if needed!
  3. Hey Ivan, thanks for sharing Alex, yes - this is on our list for this final quarter of the year. We want to speed the site up and make the technical changes so we roll into 2020 in a good shape. It must be 5/6 years of using your products now Alex! Chris.
  4. Alex

    MD Optins (5.0)

    There is still plenty of tweaking to be made but the new popups listing is far more inspiring already!
  5. Alex

    MD Optins (5.0)

    Spent a few hours today restructuring the MD5.0 theme files to make different components more accessible and MD's internal libraries easier to navigate. Not only is clean file organization necessary for ease of development but it is imperative a theme as far reaching as Marketers Delight is structured properly so all of the aggressive features and enhancements coming in this version are sustainably built. The new root file structure of MD5.0 will look like this: A few notes: The content folder has been renamed templates, and all of MD's template files will now live here. This will make finding all of the files eligible to be overwritten from your child theme easier. Don't worry—if your child theme has the content folder in it MD5.0 will still read those files. The css folder has been moved to the root as well and this will make finding different sections of MD's CSS templates easier too. In a nutshell, the style.css file in the root directory is generated from all of the template files in the css folder, which have been broken down into parts. For example, all of the CSS for buttons, columns, spacers, text formatting, menus, etc. all live in their own file. This makes finding specific blocks of CSS easier, and because these files are dynamic, we can use PHP to output dynamic settings which then print to the static CSS file. I will explain this CSS system more in depth as it is very cool, but I anticipate you will have a lot of fun with these template files! This was done in MD4.9.4, and the scripts.js file is also located in the root directory. It makes sense to be here and goes well with style.css, which holds all of your site's frontend CSS. Apart from some serious internal rearrangements MD5.0's main features will be the Optin capabilities shown off here so far. The Popups feature is getting an overhaul and is becoming far more flexible and getting loads of new templates. Admittedly the first version of the new interface I came up with is pretty uninspiring (screenshot below), but I am happy to have made progress on a way more uplifting and easier to use interface. I am slightly embarrassed to show this screenshot off, but it will be great to compare it to the inspired design which I will tease here shortly. 😛 More updates coming soon! MD5.0 is going to be a massive hit!
  6. I am setting a new site with MD and I feel a bit confused. On the Admin side of Wordpress, my web site looks like this: Why does it look like this on the public side (somefrenchdude.com): Also, how can I align my logo to the far left or far right?
  7. Alex, I just install MD on my site somefrenchdude.com Once installed, should I combine it with the CSS? To be honest, being non-technical, I am not sure I understand the ins and outs of the 2 options below:
  8. Alex

    MD Optins (5.0)

    This update has been rebranded to MARKETERS DELIGHT 5.0
  9. MD4.9.5 is now available! This is a simple update that adds a direct integration with MailerLite, meaning you can now connect your site to this popular email service to embed code-free email forms and popups with Marketers Delight. A big thank you to @MasterHealer and others for requesting this feature and I hope it makes your workflows a lot easier. I wrote a stream post to go along with the update so you can read that here. Otherwise MD4.9.5 is waiting for you in your WP admin right now!
  10. I've been thinking about it myself, but for now my main business (personal training) needs 100% of my attention. Once I get that going like a well-oiled machine I plan on starting up a passion project personal site... just saying what's on my mind regarding topics like fatherhood, music, history, tattoos, fiction, etc. I'll post it here when it's up!
  11. Who here takes freelance web design and dev projects and have used MD and WordPress to deliver the sites? Let's hear about your WordPress experience here and if you are currently accepting projects be sure to mention it.
  12. We create online businesses to serve specific needs through a specific voice that is calculated and stays on brand, though unfortunately at the expense of all the other wacko ideas and deep thoughts that may be valuable elsewhere. That's the value of having a personal blog and if you are lucky to own yourname.com, can create a body of work that lasts a lifetime. Over the past week I've been reworking my own personal site in a way that fulfills any urges I have to write other kinds of content. It's not that I wouldn't share this kind of content anywhere else, there's just no better place to put them! Many of us (myself included) are trying to build the most complicated sites and see how far we can stretch MD and WordPress, so this personal site allowed me to experiment with scaling down to build a website. Let me tell you, MD made creating a pretty cool site super easy. Features I have activated throughout the site: Connected to MailChimp in the MD integrations panel Showing one email form in multiple parts of website from one settings screen Enabled the Stream to create a micro-blog Enabled the Bookshelf to create a reading list page Like and share buttons on blog and stream posts Custom sidebars on Stream page (though disabled right now for future plans) Changed some design settings in MD > Site Design and wrote minimal custom CSS to tone down default MD styles ...and none of this required any plugins! In fact, I only have one plugin enabled: The All in One SEO Framework (premium version). I can't believe a site like this exists and is so fast, and using MD's features was just a joy! Not to gush too much of course, it's rare I can use MD in a relaxed environment without stressing about the flaws or getting lost in where I want to take it next. Do you have your own personal sites you have made with MD? Reply here or post your own thread about it!
  13. WOW I totally missed this and am happy you posted it @Ivan Brezak Brkan. Anybody who uses MD is free to share any kind of success they find, even from others! Content Marketing Academy has put together a great website (although it seems they need a better web host!) and I am excited to go more in depth through this podcast @chrismarr101
  14. Yes, WooCommerce is a free solution and many MD users run it on their website (I am kind of wishing I used it on the MD site!). When looking for a Stripe plugin, make sure it is integrated into WooCommerce. They have an official Stripe plugin they offer for free which you can find on their website as an addon.
  15. Thank you for your response. I actually felt quiet bad that i just wrote a lot, style - thinking out loud. But you were very kind in your response And hack! - Opposite - You actually took time and went point by point... Thanks very much Alex! So if you are so kind why not to write you MORE and MORE LEts go! After time when i look at this topic.. Well i have one secret not indexed site where i test all the diferent plugins and themes in the world in style, Advanced WP reset which is plugin where u simply reset stuff and go from start, all u do ust reactivate what you need now ( themes, plugins, all the rest - wiped ) .. And .. I always create smthing i guess its useful and then i delete it and so on and so on .. Thats what i do all the years instead of watchin tv or playing games during long nights when i am bored.. And ... My point is ... I can honestly say, there is no theme for a blog, which you can compare in its cleansity and load speed and overall feel.. By far .. And all those addons and diferent plugins and BS brings just stress, overhelm, and look at all those page builders .. just problems with code and slow speed .. So i would say this is smthing i learned from page builders .. its good when u turn off as many moduls and widgets and bs as you can and leave 2-3-4 elements you actually need and thats it ... So seriously after i tested 1000`s of BS as a hobby as a wordpress enthusiast ... Seriously - blog layouts in MD possibilities - also for non devs ( important part )is the only feature needed - SO YOU SPOTTED it in that mass text well and i am sure you 100 percent took it to heart.. I have no doubts .. If i was in your position i would add 1 new menu which takes us to world of blog layouts ... and we are back in basics .. Blogging .. and LUXURY I would focus not for just designs but for its usecase, purpose ... Hack maybe they could have names. Can you imagine someone who never saw MD coing to that section .. no bullshit no teamplates as Hospital and garden and as you see libraries in page builders or deiferent shops for templates .. but bloggin theme with all the possible loops ... 1. lifestylebreak.com ( Very good example, fast, clean .. pure marketers purpose in putting massive paid traffic stragiht to landers - presell pages to some stylish but simple as 2. CryptoWp.com and would go on and on until we reach some ultra designs as 3. StartUpBros.com or just MD.net where is today, which is just Wow... You really should allow use this layout for people its amazing Even, such a Adam Preiser who look for a products actively what he can promote on his channel and level up once he using smthing it has 20 times impact on his affiliate business and overall win win win business .... Anybody would have 0 probs with tech stuff because that can be said infront without further missundertanding as you would just keep making more vids for assholesa an lazy people and blog layouts library whther you create 3 or 100 i wuld be first who buy all of them i dont care Its funny becasue I and my online activities dont involve building custom sites. I use simple landing pages ( thrive - still not the perefct anywayyys but ) But i still play in mind with thought i would be building sites for clients just on side for plessure and as a side income. Each and every of us with entrepreneurial mind dreams or builds already smthing what matters .. and when somebody builds what matters, lets be honnest you wanna have best .. and MD is best .. so .. And blog loops are the only barrier and now i shut up! SO i said to myself, just for myself if i make 1 person in this world happier wiht smthing i design as non dev :)) The day you will release these feature i will become proud MarketersDelight designer ( Hybrid, non code! combining simply Elementor for unnecessary and MD for all the rest - core ) Anyways - Once again - thank you for reading my MASS text Regards
  16. Guys, I am at the beginner stage where I will soon get my first info product ready to be sold. I was thinking to integrate Paypal and/or Stripe as my payment tool, but OI see that MD now integrates with Woo commerce. What I need at the stage I am at (no money input, no cashflow) is a FREE payment method. Can I use Woo commerce for free? What does it provide exactly? I just need to give my web visitors a way to pay for the info products (PDF and videos) they will buy at my site. Any recommendation? Not sure what is the best free Stripe plugin (I see there are many for Wordpress). Not sure either how I can create an upsell offer using Paypal and Stripe.
  17. Not my own success story, but one I think the community needs to hear: CMA's Chris Marr gives an awesome and indepth interview on how to create a membership website that, of course, uses Marketers Delight for CMA! Check it over at the Membership Guys website. Some things I found useful: How to offer a great CX to members; Creating a customer culture; Onboarding with physical gifts.
  18. Luuk

    Hi Alex, did you get my message? 

  19. I like seeing MDs landing page as the front page. Incidentally, the footer 'Blog' link still redirects to your landing page (marketersdelight.com) As far as my the Group Benefits Marketplace - it's separate from Raylosophy. I'm using Group Rewards Plus dot com for Los Angeles Groups and Businesses. The business proposition is pretty simple. I'll get group organizers (Los Angeles Fire Department, National Audubon Society, or a local Fitness Gym, etc) to sign-up for free access to deals, discounts, and offers from businesses that they want to get deals from. They'll tell me what they want, and I'll reach out to those types of businesses - customers in hand - to see if they're interested in offering a short-run, or long-term discount. Each group will have their own page, and businesses will be able to pay for placement on a group pages. The cost for each business will largely depend on how long they want placement and the size of the group. The plan is to set it up and hire someone to run the day-to-day. I'm also putting together a less intense version of this for startups and online businesses. Just staying busy.
  20. I am definitely curious about this one-part of Raylosophy? ----- An early one for me today. Looking to knock out a ton of client work by 10am, get some sun, then back on for some Premium MD projects, then find some time for MD Popups. Will update back with what I actually did when all is said and done. Created a testimonials page for MD using the Testimonials Dropin (link on showcase page). Will now have a quick and easy way to add testimonials to this page as they come in. I added a custom sidebar with links back to blog reviews too. Redesigned the Members area for simpler navigation, removed old resources, and added new Dropins listing. Check it out! Updated the design of the Changelog page Moved the blog to Marketersdelight.com/blog, put landing back to front page tweaked a bunch of copy, adjusted spacing on landing page Added Bitcoin as an accepted payment for MD... lets see how this goes!
  21. Skipping the beach and bbq's this (4th of July) weekend. Instead I'll complete an audit of my clients e-course. Finish reading 'Built To Last' by Jim Collins Continue setting up a Group Benefits marketplace where businesses/companies will pay for access to specific groups. It's like Groupon - with a twist. I already have 2 co's signed-up, now it's time to get this thing up and running. Time permitting (on Sunday), I'll create a few custom sidebars for my main site.
  22. Busy day in the MD Labs today.... Answered support Published the translations tutorial to the MD Blog (thanks @maikman!) Released MD4.9.4.1 Wrote and scheduled the newsletter for 4pm EST today Time to breathe!
  23. Hi Peter, thanks for posting to the forums. For future support questions I'd like to get your account verified here so you have full forums access but I am having trouble finding your information in my customers database. Can you private message me here the email address you used to purchase MD so I can link your accounts? Once we get your account verified I'd be willing to work you through a potential solution, but for now: changing the breakpoint size would require some CSS changes around the MD stylesheet which may be a messier approach than we need to take. If you can link to your site as well so I can see a better idea of what you are working with, maybe there is a better solution for what you are trying to do than change this functionality.
  24. Hi, I'm trying to change the breaking point at which the header menu toggles into the hamburger shape. Standard seems at a window size around 900px wide, but I want it to happen around 1200. I've searched in the theme files, stylesheets and so on but can't find a clue how to fix this. How can I accomplish this? Thanks in advance, Peter
  25. It's the 4th of July in the states and I have some downtime, so digging into MD Popups. Like I mentioned in the News thread I am looking to release this as its own update and rebrand the email, popups, and future features to MD Optins afterwards. I just want to keep the updates coming and get your hands on the awesome new popups builder in MD4.9.5. Edit: and a few hours later the live preview experience has been heavily refined and responds very quickly to your changes. It is so refreshing to see changes update instantly without refreshing, heh.
  26. Started the day by updating the Showcase, we'll see what comes next...
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