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  2. Just an update - MD4.9.4 is finally nearing completion and the last little details are being put in place to make this WooCommerce integration GREAT! Here are some screenshots and other teasers I have posted on Twitter and the MD Stream you might like: MD4.9.4 sneak peaks on Twitter Latest screenshot preview from the MD Stream
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  4. I didn't mean it like that. Everything is automated, no manually stuff for me. I meant that i don't use the checkbox, even if it is maybe required by some laws nowdays (not sure for paying customers though), because i need them on my mailinglijst to sent them automated mails for the course. So i just didn't want the checkbox, because then it's optional to subscribe. To bad there isn't any bridge yet for EDD/WP and Invision. I used to sync WP contacts with IPBWI for WordPress v4, but that plugin looks outdated now.
  5. Definitely, I think I will keep it global for now, and then when the inevitable day comes for this feature request it will be easy to bake in. That's similar to how I have to approve forum accounts here, unfortunately there isn't a bridge between my eCommerce and this forum software. If that plugin exists though, why not enable it to save you the effort of manually adding them?
  6. I'm using the WooCommerce Quick Checkout (paid) plugin to make multiple checkout pages. Not really a big drawback i think, but i get your point. For the few websites that sell digital and physical products, it would be awesome to select what they want for each product. It's not possible to add a email signup checkbox out of the box. I'm using a plugin to do this (ES Woocommerce ActiveCampaign), but i'm not using the checkbox feature they have, I just add new customers to my mailinglist automatically after the order is completed. I need to do it this way because i need to contact them about the course. Yes, i'm using MD Custom sidebars on the checkout page as well.
  7. Glad to hear these features look useful! I like your suggestions here - which plugin do you use to make multiple checkout pages? The current drawback of the "Minimal" settings it that they will be applied to all checkout pages rather than being able to enable it on a page by page basis. I have a tagging feature coming in the revamped version of MD Optins I am working on, and is it currently possible to add that email signup checkbox to WooCommerce? Great looking checkout page by the way - does that use MD Custom sidebars?
  8. Woo expert... Oh boy, I can't handle the pressure ;-) I really like the features! Cart icon and minimal checkout fields are things i need to implement on multiple websites. This will make it a lot easier. :-) With MD you can also build good salespages, but i don't like the default WooCommerce checkoutpage. That's the reason i'm using different checkout pages for each digital product (see uploaded file). Maybe this would benefit more MD customers if you could integrate this functionality into MD. :-) Since you can already connect MD to an email service provider, it would be great if you can collect email addresses when someone buys a product from your store. To segment the customers, sending tags to the email service provider with the product name would be helpfull as well.
  9. Here's an early screenshot of the settings screen for the WooCommerce integration coming into MD4.9.4. Not looking to go overboard as I am only an intermediate with WooCommerce, but this should give us just enough styling for a basic store and a couple of "cherry on top" kind of features. I believe @Maikel is the Woo expert around here, so maybe he has some thoughts.
  10. I built a sweet integration for WooCommerce into an MD client project, and I am working now to bundle it smoothly into the next Marketers Delight update. As a passing thought, how many of you use WooCommerce and would think a style integration with some bonus features would benefit you?
  11. Marketers Delight 4.9.3 has officially been released and comes with 3 new content blocks that the content marketers among you will just love! Check out some demos and the full introduction post and go update your sites now! https://marketersdelight.net/gutenberg-content-marketing-blocks/
  12. Alex

    New blog design

    I have been preparing to unveil a new content strategy and released the revamped MD blog design tonight. It's still a work in progress but has greatly consolidated 100+ articles into a clearer way for you to navigate. Go check it out, you might find something new as the new template now holds a lot of previously unlisted tutorials.
  13. I build a course site for myself, with video courses about WordPress stuff. I'm not really using the WooCommerce part, i'm using a Quick checkout plugin (for WooCommerce) to bypass that.
  14. Alex

    Font Icons Library

    Check out the updated Font Icons Library page for an easy reference list to use the font icons built into MD. Right now many of the icons you see on that page are coming in the impending MD4.9.3 release (don't worry, there are things much bigger than font icons coming in that release) but I wanted to show you this page now to give you an idea of what to expect. I wrote a stream post with some thoughts about why MD has this feature, along with some other musings.
  15. What kind of course site did you build with LearnDash? I am highly interested in releasing a child theme integration and have a release planned in the near future to add Woocommerce styling into MD by default.
  16. Hey Alex, I used LifterLMS before, but since 7 months or something i'm using Learndash as well. Integration with MD wasn't that hard. :-)
  17. Just to let you guys know, some new Blocks and enhancements coming to the Gutenberg editor in MD4.9.3. Check out the sneak peak at the MD Stream! https://marketersdelight.net/stream/78611/
  18. Have any of you out there built a membership or course on WordPress? I am interested in releasing course related products this year, one plugin I am 90% finished developing, and also bridge existing membership plugins to MD. From talking to many of you through email, I hear that you like MemberPress, LearnDash, and WishList. I'm asking because I want to know which plugins are the most popular so I can focus on creating the best course related integrations for your MD sites. Personally I've built a couple of course sites for clients and they were both on LearnDash so I am quite skewed towards that plugin at the moment. Share your thoughts here!
  19. Of course I'm talking about "Gutenberg," but I think since it's merged into WordPress that we're supposed to call it the "Blocks Editor" by now. Anyways, the newly released Marketers Delight 4.9 does some pretty cool stuff with the Editor that really improves things. The biggest thing is that MD will now style your editor to match your custom web fonts and typography so at the bare minimum (which is a huge deal), your writing will look exactly as it will appear on your website. On top of fonts MD adds its first Block which is a very nice Email Form you can design on the fly. I have great ideas for other Blocks I'll be adding, all with the intent to make writing longform sales pages easy. That is where I really see the benefits of the Blocks Editor - for longform content writing, which is different than "page building" if you want to be on more precise terms. It still has some pretty annoying quirks, but we can only hope those get worked out sooner rather than later. Have you gotten used to "Gutenberg" yet? Has MD4.9 made writing in it easier? I'm intrigued to hear your experiences!
  20. Note: If you are not yet an MD customer and you have a question, please register an account to post here. I'm opening the Presales forums for MD customers and curious first time buyer to ask any questions before making a purchase on the website. Whether you're buying something or not - any questions you want to know about MD (that aren't tech support related, do that here), I will be thrilled to answer them! Now, to show your honest feedback about your experience using Marketers Delight and the forum support services here, please take a moment to vote your rating in this thread. Only verified MD customers can vote, so please vote honestly with your full picture in mind - (your username will not be posted publicly).
  21. MD4.8.5 is out and The bookshelf is now part of the MD core! I've already released a maintenance release for it as well as I had a burst of motivation tonight to build a book template into The Stream! Check out the latest stream post here to see a book I shared: https://marketersdelight.net/stream/ As always you can read the changelog here: https://marketersdelight.net/changelog/
  22. Hey guys, as part of a new vision I am implementing for MD, I've decided to merge The Bookshelf dropin into the next release in version 4.8.5. The reason for this is to make enabling this feature as easy as clicking a button rather than installing it as a dropin. I know many people who use MD are readers so this will be of use to many of you. It can be a way to share the books you love, create galleries of your own writings, and up your affiliate sales by linking to affiliate links. The larger goal I have by including the Bookshelf into MD is to connect it to other kinds of content you create on your site, like the Stream, and give you a way to display rich book data across your site with ease. I'll explain more shortly, but the Bookshelf is almost ready to go. You can see the thread I posted here on the night I started working on it and see the progress so far: https://marketersdelight.net/stream/77818/ Have any suggestions in the meantime? Let me know here.
  23. Alex

    New MD Changelog

    Hey guys, tonight I took some time to consolidate the changelog that shows the details of each new MD releases. You can check this page out each time MD is updated to see what's new: https://marketersdelight.net/changelog/ Tip: click the latest version in the MD header to go to the changelog page at any time!
  24. Alex

    New MD Tutorials

    Today I did a writeup of what has been released in the MD4.8.2 maintenance fix and wrote a little about the thought processes that go into releasing a major new version like MD4.8: https://marketersdelight.net/marketers-delight-482/
  25. Alex

    New MD Tutorials

    Just posted another new tutorial for you guys today and it's all about using the new MD design controls to design a slick text logo. Check it out! https://marketersdelight.net/mobile-design-logo/
  26. Thanks to @maikman's reporting I've released another maintenance update for the MD4.8 series. MD4.8.2. is now available in your dashboard and contains the following important bug fixes: Fixes potentially site crashing search query Adds new <code>md-block</code> featured image size Adds background color to search menu so search bar doesn't clash with nav menu links Fixes potential error messages when saving MD options Recompiles MD styles on frontend if CSS file is missing Fixes Action lead warning messages Go ahead and update to stay on the cutting-edge, it only takes a click!
  27. Alex

    New MD Tutorials

    I'll use this thread to post the latest MD tutorials that make it to the MD blog. As MD4.8 introduced a lot of new stuff, I'll be doing a series on the blog that shows you what you can accomplish with these great new controls! Starting off with a closer look at Google Fonts integration: https://marketersdelight.net/design-google-fonts/
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